Paying PMI on mortgage and doing snowball debt reduction?

My husband and I are following the Dave Ramsey “Total Money Makeover”, but instead of paying off lowest balances we are paying off highest interest rate first. Dave suggests that you pay off all your consumer debt, fund your savings account, make sure you are funding your retirement account 15% and then pay off the mortgage.

With all of this said we will be completely debt free including the mortgage and have a funded savings account by August 2017.

The question we have is the without adding any money to our mortgage payment, we are paying PMI until we get to 85% Loan to Value of $ 90.67 per month until December 2016. And then the PMI gets reduced to $ 22.67 per month until June 2020.

We will be able to start ‘snowballing’ onto our mortgage in January 2015, which of course will get rid of the PMI ahead of schedule. But since we are getting no equity on the PMI payments, should we add a monthly mortgage principle only payment now to help get rid of the PMI sooner while mainly focusing on the other debt first?

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