Past credit problems, mortgage?

Hello, My husband and I find him credit problems a few years ago we tried to restore our credit. We have financed a car and no late payments. Its mine is located low midscore 600 -. 500 We would like to buy a house. Is there someone that you help us get a mortgage? We live in South Carolina and our annual income in the $ 50. Thank you for all Information.Wir are in Aiken SC. Thank you for all Hilfe.Hallo may, I received an offer from a lender for a loan and the tree is in the details, please tell me? Loan1 80/20 combo. Bureau meeting $ 80,000 Rate 6.25 “2 / 28” ARMLaufzeit 30 years of expenses: $ 492.57 2nd Official Rate Mtg 17500 9.60000038146973 “balloon 30/20 (S)” Run-time payment of 30 $ 148.43 year $ 641.00 deposit that I put in quotes, what I do not. Thank you

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