Parents, what kind of home do you live in (apartment, condo, house) and how does it work for your family?

Hi Parents! I’m wondering what kind of home you live in (apartment, condo, house) and how well it works for your family. Is there something about it you wish you had? Wish you didn’t have? Please give me your opinions!

I’m asking because my husband and I just sold our condo, and we don’t know exactly where we want to live or if we want to buy or build our next home. So, in the meantime, we have to rent something – so far, we’re thinking about a house as we have a 20 month old son and another one due in November. But, we’re unsure really, since there are other housing options. At this point, I’m unsure how long we’ll be there since we don’t know if we’re buying or building, so what should we look for in our temporary home?

Thank you!

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