Our stuff went back to U/W on Friday. The loan processor told us 24 hours tops. She said we should’ve known

something yesterday and I talked to her yesterday afternoon and she said they are going slow. Our stuff has already been to U/W once and they asked for more stuff and we finally got everything together and sent it back. Still no word and we are on a deadline. We have to know one way or the other so we can let our landlord know we are not going to be resigning our lease. We are supposed to resign on August 1st. Is it a good thing that it is taking longer or what could be holding it up? It is a FHA loan.
Our loan was never rejected. She said that we should have no problem getting approved the underwriter was wanting proof of our rent payments since they lost the orignal copies and copies of where my husbands parents pay a bill that is in his name. Pretty simple stuff.

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