Our agents want us to sign a request to extend escrow account?

My husband and I are in the midst of what appears to be the endless process of buying a home. This is a REO property is blocked close due June 5 … our loan was approved last week and our mortgage broker said that the sooner we can be ready to sign the papers of the 1st Juni.Bis now the only concern of our real estate agent in respect of all unpaid charges HOA shown on the ground is all that he said he could make things a little differently .. everything is on the way to our verz√∂gern.Heute broker called and asked if we could come and sign an application for an extension of the commitment … He said nothing is wrong and doing it as a “precaution” just in case “someone delays nothing.” Or is it a one-week extension, not much, but it seems strange that when all goes well and we have another week of the escrow closed and we want as a buyer or receiver before June 5 in the vicinity “(as all the documents that we signed states) why should we be asked to sign an extension? Is it not our brokers to ensure we meet the original dates or am I just expecting too much? Does our organization have a legitimate excuse, or is he just trying to cover his butt? If anyone can help me that would be great. thank you all for your time responding.

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