Options with my mortgage, about to stop paying?

I have been unemployed for over 1 year now.
My monthly mortgage payments are around 2700/mo. and I can no longer afford to pay.
My loan originated through PNC mortgage in 2005 and my condo is probably worth less than what I owe on the mortgage.
In speaking with PNC, the investor that they sold my loan to has no modification programs available. If they had sold my mortgage to a different investor, then I would have had many options.
They will not give me the name of my investor but that really doesn’t matter as it couldn’t change anything.
Because I got unlucky and had my loan sold to this investor as opposed to others I would have been eligible for multiple options to help me.

Now from a emotional and financial standpoint I am considering just stop paying my mortgage altogether. I understand the repercussions to my credit if I foreclose, but I was weighing that before. With this new motivation to F over the investor it is making the decision easier. Any advice on other options?

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