Open a new credit card will hurt my score?

Okay, so about 4 months ago I opened a store credit card, by accident, for being dumb basically. I was at the store, I was in a hurry, the cashier offered me a store card… I said what’s that for, he said I will get discounts and all this.. and I said sure. I filled out the info and as soon as I electronically signed it, I asked him is the store card a credit card.

He said yes, I immediately knew I was f**ed, I said I did not want a credit card, and he said, oh sorry.. anyways.. long story short, I have a store credit card that I don’t use and am planning on cancelling it, but don’t know when.

Should I wait a few more months so it doesn’t hurt my credit score that bad, or should I do it now because I don’t even use it.

Also, I saw this credit card online that I really like, it offers a 100 movie theater gift card back when you make a first purchase. I really like it, I have 2 other credit cards from this company (chase) and I frequently use both of them, I was planning on adding this credit card to my wallet and also use it frequently to eventually receive movie theater gift cards when I accumulate points.

Would this be a dumb step or a good step, and how much would it affect my credit score, would it be that much if I plan to use it routinely?

Thank you and sorry about the long writing 🙁
ps.. My total number of cards are two credit cards that I frequently use and one store credit card that I never use.
I also have two debit cards, but I don’t think these count as credit cards, thank you.

Also, the last time I checked my credit score was after opening the store credit card and it had gone down from 749 to 741. How would closing the store credit card and opening a new credit card affect my current score (741)?

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