on Hud-1 statements, does sellers mortgage payoffs have to show on statement?

We got our HUD-1 statement for our closing on Monday.
I had pulled a property record search myself and found 2 mortages on the property, one this year in 7/10 (second mortgage). Does the payoff figures have to show on the HUD-1 Statement on the sellers side?
2 different answers, I did my search at the county recorder office, it showed previous mortgages and releases on those, the 2 that are showing are the refi of the one, and the 2nd mortgage is for such a low amout it looks like a home equity loan according to the county recorder site.
wizjp, thank you so much, I thought it had to show, I had sent my lender the info that I found as well.
thanks again
loanmasterone, thank you for your response, it helps

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