On bed rest and need help financially where do I turn?

Hi everyone I am 21 weeks pregnant and on bed rest for complications with my pregnancy. And everywhere that me and my husband turn for financial help we get denied I don’t know what to do at this point we cannot survive on my husbands income alone. We are already behind on our mortgage due to the fact that I have been on and off bed rest since the 18 th of April and then was put on it the 7th of May till further notice. We have lost a child before in pregnancy and do not want to go through it again. I’m just asking for some direction as to where to turn. We have contacted all our debtors for assistance and only a few have and our mortgage company is trying to fight us as well. We work hard and just need help. We live in the state of Arkansas if anyone has been in our ssituationbefore and know where to get help please let me know I’m at my wits end and and I can’t handle the stress cause then I start having contractions. These are the things we have tried unemployment(which was a no), temporary disability(no again),food stamps ( no again over income but yet still can’t be ggroceries, our mortgage provider still in the works for a mmoratoriumbut the want to say no since my name is not on loan but yet its on the deed. Please someone have some knowledge of where we can get some help before we lose our home and everything else we have.
I do have WIC already and family is helping with the necessities just need to know where to go for mostly ur mortgage.
WIC income guidelines are higher in our state they count us as a family of 5 since I am pregnant food stamps only counts us as 4 till the baby is born I have contacted them the only the that we might quailfy for is pregnancy medicaid.
Ok i’m sure where all these loan people that seem like scams are coming from but scams are not what I need right now.I need help and direction.

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