Okay, Can anyone give some advice as far as viewing your credit report online?

So i recently went to this website that was approved by the FTC (Free Trade Commission) and it was the only one that approved Annualcreditreport.com so I go there in hopes to finally get a legit credit score. I try to view mine at least once a year, and though this site was free and all it failed to give me a credit report score. (as in my number) well i was a little disappointed of this. I did some more research and found out that creditkarma.com seems to be a legit company that actually gives you the score. well my question is can i view my score with creditkarma.com even though I already viewed it my credit report on annualcreditreport.com or will it count as a “hit”. You know because they say its the rule of thumb to only view your score once a year so you won’t get a “hit” or your credit.

By the was I keep saying legit, because last year i used myfreecreditreport.com and it was the biggest scam ever.
You know something I totally agree with you. I mean we should have access to our OWN information. I mean come on we pay taxes right? Plus if we were able to keep track of it would would take better care of our finances by knowing our faults, so to say, each and every time we view it.

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