Ok….time to whip out the cheque book?

I dont know where to start to be honest, and this IS a rant, but here it goes.

The past 4 years Arsenal have seen nothing, Wenger has been doing a great job but i think the problem simply has been, this squad simply isnt good enough.

Players like Diaby, Denilson just arent good enough. Diaby only plays well against crappy teams (Fenerbache, Hull etc). Denilson, well he is good, but not arsenal good.

Would Denilson get into liverpools first team? No. Would he get into Chelseas? No. I can understand he is one of our only options in our 4-3-3 system, but these players arent good enough.

So how do we fix this? Spend more money. Arsenal say the money is there. But is it really. wenger was hesitant to spend this summer. Look at teams like City, Chelsea. Yes they do spend a lot on players, but it seems to be working. Arsenal are one of the biggest clubs in the world, and one of the best teams in europe. But how can we sit back and watch players like Diaby being played against teams like Chelsea and United?

Maybe i am being impatient, maybe we dont want to be in debt (Yes i do consider that). But are we turning into an average side? I sure hope not. City are turning into a great team, Liverpool are great, United are great, Chelsea are great, so are we. But the performances have lacked over the past 4 years. We do have great moments and games, and play terrific football, but has that gotten us anywhere? So far the plan isnt working, and City are beating us towards our goal for the last 4 years. Success.

Im not saying Wenger needs to shell out millions and millions. But we need to take a few more risks in the market. Arsenal do generate lots of money from CL football etc, and league games, but wheres the money, is wenger hesistant to buy.

I might be ranting too early, but if we dont win anything this season, we need a change, whether we scrap players like Diaby or denilson, OR if wenger goes. I dont care

I dont want wenger out, he could prove me wrong this season. But please dont tell me to be patient, because i know as well as me, every other arsenal fan out there wants success.

You can call me a bad fan, i dont care. But i want whats best for the club.

FQ: When will it be time for a change, but what needs to changing, Manager, Board?, players?
I also want to mention about players like Cesc who are playing on this team, but he could be playing better elsewhere

I admire you cesc, and thankyou
Shiz: Are u kidding me? I bleed red and white

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