o.k is there a financial adviser here? Can you apply for a mortgage loan and student loan at the same time?

o.k I’m about to buy a house ( me and 2 sisters) we are waiting for the bank to respond, but I want to enroll in this B.A program which will cost me 30k I need to do it before july 25th because the price for this course will increase next month, I don’t know if the mortgage loan will affect the student loan because I need to get financial aid. Should I apply for the Student loan, without worrying about the mortgage loan which is in Process right now? or should I wait for the approval of the house and the apply for the student Loan?

Please I need an answer time is running fast.
o.k I make $ 45k a year

all my credit card debts are $ 2500 + A auto loan $ 6000 and that’s it. Credit score o.k and the mortgage loan will be 305,000k

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