o Global Warming, 10 times worse then Katrina in FLorida?

Million of people moved from flooding in FL because of Global Warming, 10 times worse then Katrina?
Will more then half of Florida be covered in water in 30 yrs or less, Imagine all those people, where would they go, and how much money would the government lose in property? and on top of that how much money will they lose to relocating the people….imagine Katrina times 10……that’s what will end up happening to Florida. now with the economy the way it is…do u Think it will send America further into dept? will they do a rebuild period or build a wall around certain parts of Florida?

this is a question we will soon have to face or else it will creep up on us and slap us for our ignorance. it will cause a great depression with the relocation, so many American business will go under for FL and some National because INSURANCE company’s wont have enough money to help.


there a picture they only land left is swam…yep…
no Miami left Imagine all those billions wasted on hotels, and all the coast line real estate will go to crap and down the drain. insurance company wont have enough money to back local business cause they will be so many!! and what does the government do to prepare..nothing? im not sure what they are doing to secure Florida residents…and high value land, unless they are will to let it all be covered in water?

10 minutes ago
Florida is already bellow sea level so 20 feet because of global warming will make it under.

Would this be a good Story for a News Company?
Imagine the worlds luckiest casino gone along with the Indian reservations.

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