Now that the USA is BANKRUPT, will the UK Bail USA out just Like Ireland and Take over indirectly by Proxy?

Its all over the European News that the USA is Totally Bankrupt and may default on its Bonds and Loans, Just came back from European Vacation and every paper has the USA is bankrupt. I come home and its not even mentioned in the news or TV, I wonder why? Then I read that Greece has unofficially defaulted on the 1st Bail out and that the IMF and Britain is Bailing them out a second time. Its like using another credit card to pay another. The country doing the Bailout gets to set its terms and run the Bankrupt Country by Proxy and indirectly. Is this going to happen to USA?

Ireland Just Received a massive Bail out from the UK with set conditions. The UK gave them a Bailout with lots of conditions attached to the Bail out. Basically the British are going to take over Ireland indirectly by Proxy. The country giving the Bail out can basically evict all the citizens from their homes, land, etc. Indirectly off course by taking over the corporations, and seizing fishing rights etc. Or just evicting them from their unpaid mortgaged homes. Is the USA ready to be evicted and loose control of its democracy?

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