Not sure if bankruptcy is or will be my only way out?

Hi everyone; I’m not sure is this will be a good way out of the debts and financial problems I have.

Everything started when I when to a divorced, at that time everything was cool on green numbers until I had to start living on credit cards to keep the house and bills pay on time and so on… at the time I had a good job making good money so even when I was struggling I was still making payments as I could but also using the credit cards as a way to survive until I realized that I was soo in Red numbers, then I got layoff because all this economic problems that most of people is facing and I just couldn’t make more than keeping up with the monthly bills and bring food to the table.

For what I’m seen I will have to give up the house in Foreclosure my credit score drop from 850 to 550 and I just feel I’m in a death end at this time and only can think on filling backruptcy but not sure is there is anything else I might be able to do or how paintfull will this be.

Any advice will be really apreciate.


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