No docs loan/stated income home loans?

I need some help with no docs/stated income home loans.
My husband and I are in the process of getting pre-approved for a home loan. I was assigned a loan officer that asked for all documents, W-2, pay stub, bank statements, 401K. I provided him with all documents. He told me he will be using a stated loan because the fact the my husband pays child support will disqualified us. My husband credit is in the upper 700’s close to 800 for the highest and mine low 700 lowest 706.
Now here come the question is this loan officer trying to take advantage of us? If we provided proof of income don’t we should be doing a full loan documentation? Oh and he is using my credit score vice my husband and he stated the reason child support again, we were approved already for a mortgage but the loan officer was not honest and we backed out of the deal and child supports was never an issue.
I live in the San Diego, CA area.
Can I make this loan officer use my husband score and full loan doc?

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