New Credit Card with High limit and 0% APR?

I’m about to purchase a bike for 8,500 and I was approved through the dealership for financing but I don’t want to deal with their interest. I was wondering if there is a certain credit card that seems to give you a higher limit off the bat and that does the introductory 0% APR for 12 Months. I plan to have the bike paid off within a year so this particular card would be ideal for me. I’m trying to avoid paying 500-1000 if not more in interest. Anyways, my Fica score is 703 as of the 5th of March. The problem is I have 2 credit cards now but with extremely low credit limits(600, 2000). I did this same thing on the 2,000 limit card because i bought a bowflex for 1,700 and avoided their interest charges. I only owe 500 more on that and still got 6 months before they hit me with their APR. Can anyone suggest a certain card that seems to give you a higher limit than the other cards that offer the 0% APR. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance
I don’t want to just randomly applying to credit cards to find one that will give me a high limit. I know everytime you do a credit inquiry then your credit score takes some sort of hit.
Yes the dealership accepts credit card payments. I’ve already asked them. I know it will be extremely hard to get 8,500 from 1 card. I’m willing to get 2 cards to get it accomplished.

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