Never a late mortgage payment, but I have ..?

My husband and I bought my first house at age 20. We were stupid and had an ARM. We lived in our house 2.5 years and have never been late paying the mortgage. Since I am a full time student living in my student debt of our revenues are crazy big. So we can not refinance. I even contacted our current mortgage holder (American Service Company) and filled out the paperwork for a loan modification. But they said that the debt of our income is too high and we were denied. I asked, “So you prefer foreclosed on the property where we keep our current pace, we have never been in arrears?” I do not know what is my question. I think I want to know if someone a think it’s a crazy game of CSA? You’re right. But how can I hate not work. The man is already running about 65 hours per week.

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