I was pre-aproved by FHA AND NEHEMIAH PROGRAM which would help me with my closing cost and down payment.I was told to ask the seller for a 6% back and that would be for closing and down payment cost. my question is IF THE HOUSE IS SELLING FOR 176,500 from this amount the seller will return 6% toward the closing and down payment right, so my balance for mortgage would be 166,500 and for this amount i should get my loan from the bank to purchase the house , i’m I right, because my loan officer is telling me I’m going to be paying a mortgage for the full amount of 176,500, so again my question were is the 6% going if in the loan I’m making of 176,500 in order to get the 6% back from the seller is included in the purchase price. I dont understand this about getting back the 6% from the seller we have to increase the price of the house . the house sales is for 166,500 but in order to get back the 6% i had to increase the purchase price to 176,500 wich gives me back my 6% for closing and down payment. again why do i have to pay a mortgage for 30years in the amount of 176,500 if 10,000 of it is going to be giving to me by seller for my closing and down, please help this is so confusing… i

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