Need your opinion, for the first time home buyer?

I have already approved a loan for $ 400K. I found a house that has a Zestimate (Zillow estimates) of $ 376k. I also have the figures on the compositions with my mortgage consultant and came with an average of $ 375K. The house I am making a bid on a short sale and ask for the submission of the Bank is between $ 390-425K. I make an offer of $ 390K in upgrades to the house (wood floors in kitchen and upgrades), in terms that the seller pays all closing costs. First, it is a good thing? Second, there are pre-paid (reserves) the interest cost for a month, insurance and taxes for 12 months to 6 months. If I paid the sum of these pre-paid, not that I pay insurance and taxes for the first 6 months?
My husband was laid off and he gets $ 1,668 a month in unemployment. My child receives $ 47 per month from SSI. We applied for food stamps in July and he got through to November, I asked again and when I called to verify our case, I got an automated reply saying that the case was denied . Our mortgage is $ 1005th We’re getting a loan modification. Because our income does not change in July, why have we failed? I have several estimator beneift food stamps used, and after them, let him also. The paperwork says they must decide jan7 the case. Is it perhaps because our documents hasen’t done? If my calculations are on the right, our adjusted net income after all deductions on less than $ 1500, which is within the income limit. Contrary to the estimator benefit snap is another tool I can use? Our income has not changed since April. So why I was rejected because we still have the same income. I do not think my racial problems.

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