Need to refinance my adjustable rate mortgage?

Long story short (kind of)…my husband and I are in one of those crappy adjustable rate mortages which is set to go up in January. We have been trying to refinance, but are having horrible luck. Our credit is considered good (even though we do have a bankruptcy on our record) – but we are being told that our loan to home value is what is throwing us off. We need to be refinanced for $ 180,000 but our home value is falling short of that. I know there are programs out there like “relief programs” but we keep being told we do not qualify because our loan is neither a Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae. Another stickler seems to be the fact that we pay ALL our bills ontime. There are programs out there for people who are behind on their mortgages…which is not our situation. We are current on all our bills. Bankruptcy was discharged over 2 years ago, and we have worked to rebuild our credit. Is there ANY hope for us out there as far as being able to refinance before our mortgage adjusts is January? Oh, and I DO understand that a bankuptcy will stay on our record for 10 years – but according to a few different mortgage brokers, that’s not the problem…it’s the economy. HELP!

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