Need to get student loans, ideally by applying online tonight. Not sure where to go. Credit issues.?

I am a 30 yr old single mom and am trying to go to school full-time to become a nurse, and work part-time. I need student loans to help me get throught he next 2 years of nursing school. My ex is on the verge of losing the house (I suspect) that I cosigned for with him. He’s nearly 35 days late on the mortgage payment and I fear my excellent credit is going down the tubes. I’m thinking that maybe I should apply for a student loan right now, before he ruins my credit with a foreclosure (if that’s what ends up happening) in the next couple of months.

Where should I apply? Is this something I can do online? Any tips? I’m looking for low interest student loans that won’t make me pay until I’m in the nursing feild making money in a couple years. Advice?


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