Need some advice on a credit card I have?

Ok, so I am in college and my laptop took a fall that killed it and I was told that it would be cheaper to buy a new one instead of repairing my old one.

I went into Best Buy looking at laptops and they said that if I apply for their credit card, I would get 2 years of no interest if my purchase is over $ 1000. So of course, I wanted a laptop NOW and I applied for the credit card and got a balance of $ 1,062 on it.

Now, I have the money to pay it off right away…. but should I?
Are there any hidden costs that I should be worried about?
When they say 2yrs no interest… does that mean that if I pay it off within 2yrs I will only pay $ 1062?

I guess I just need some advice on this. I DO NOT want or intend to use this credit card for anything else. I just do not want to lose any money off of this. After the balance is at 0, I want to cut up the card.

How do I go about doing this?

anything helps, and thank you in advance.


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