Need Mortgage help! Citimortgage company not assisting!!!?

I Have a 4 year old mortgage with Citimortgage. I have fallen behind because of unemployment but have continued to pay on my mortgage as much as I can, Including using my retirement! Which now I owe IRS taxes on. I have called Citimortgage several times for assistance and I get India or Indonesia and a person who barely speaks english! I keep getting letters that advise me to call for assistance on my mortgage and when I do get a rep I can understand I am told I don’t qualify for any programs because I am “not far enough behind to qualify” OR that I can’t have been late or behind with any payments to qualify for another program Went to bank for assistance and was told the house would have to appraise at $ 95,000 to get new loan! It seems no one wants to really help! I am also afraid of fraud businesses that want to “HELP” bail you out. Any advise????
I received a notice on my door this Friday!

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