need help with a real estate question?

long story short, my wife and i foreclosed on a home in florida, the loan was only in my name we then moved to sc and bought a house together. we then decided to move to buffalo after 10 months of sc.we leased our house out to a couple that wanted to be in the house in less then 2 weeks so we made that happen, we got a moving truck, QUIT OUR JOBS, not to mention we have 3 kids (7,4,2). 1 day before we were leaving this crowell homes company that is doing the lease for us, tells us the people who are leasing it want to back out, they signed the contract and put money down. so crowell homes said go ahead and go and we will probably find someone real quick. we have pre paid legal and they gave us some options but here the downfall we have 2 car payments 6 credit cards maxed out no savings, luckily we bought a trailer and don’t have a mortgage but we cant pay the mortgage for the house in sc. we have been relying on my wife’s good credit for everything and now these jack asses that were going to lease our house are forcing my wife and i to foreclose on the house in sc and turn my wife’s credit to crap. so where do we go from here??????

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