Need help getting a mortgage?

Hello alle.I of a bad situation where I’m tired of wasting money and pay bewegen.Ich 1200/mo in rent. I want to buy a house. Currently I am looking for a house of 10 years old 2-family for $ 400,000 to kaufen.Untere level has 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, where I live werde.Beiden level 4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms , garden, front yard is enclosed parking, a swimming pool with Deck.Ich plan on renting the top two floors of nearly 2k/mo. I can not afford good – but my marital status at the moment too much on Papier.Ort: Eigentümer.27yrs NYCErsten home to the former – the only substantial debt 55kCC 45: 4kCredit Score: filing 6.5K cash: 700Studienkredite: 23kBankverbindung 20kMeine last 3 years tax returns worden.Ich under 35k have completed the online form Lending Tree and received offers from American Quickenloans Federal.Allerdings and is the second part of this application line of the “Real” Anwendung.Bin I lose my time with these companies? there a better way to get a mortgage? what I can to “pad” can do my statistics in order to get the credit? (Additional Income? Bigger Bank Account?, Figures cc debt?) I have extra income, but it is to access the site and risk (about 20k more). I do not want to waste time filling out applications in places where I know I advised the estimated end verwehrt.Jede wird.Dank

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