need help financing a car?

im 17 just got my license and i don’t have much money saved for a car. the problem is i need a car to get to work and my dad is always using his car, my mom doesn’t drive… i cant get a loan myself (i don’t think at least) because im not of age. my dad is in the process of modifying the mortgage or something like that… mortgage payments are 3000 a month and he makes a decent amount somewhere between 8000-9000 a month. i don’t know the exact situation. his credit is low-mid 600’s and he says he cant get a loan because of this. i have been looking into financing or something like buy here pay here dealers but im not sure what to do or what my options are…anything besides riding a bike haha please help!!!!!! i live in nj
ALSO where can i get a car in nj or pennsylvania for cheap in case i can not get a loan anywhere

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