Need help deciding on a condo insurance coverage amount…?

I need to decide how much insurance coverage I need for my 2 bed/1bath, 900 sq-ft condo in Southern California. Previously I had $ 20,000 dwelling & $ 35,000 personal property, but since then I had remodeled my kitchen, and now working on the bathroom (small). Current value of the property is about $ 350,000. HOA pays building insurance, so this is just for the inside of my unit.

I think the $ 35,000 personal property is enough, and I’m looking into increasing the dwelling to either $ 50,000 or $ 75,000. I think the premium is about $ 150-$ 200/yr more for $ 75,000.

I’m on the bottom floor and I already have had two water loss incidents from my upstairs neighbor in the last 5 years which I wasn’t able to subrogate. Once in the kitchen (which ultimately led to a complete remodeling), and recently, bathroom and the adjacent hallway. So I’m paranoid!

Kitchen remodeling cost was about $ 18,000, and the bathroom (repair/remodeling in progress) is going to be about $ 8,000-10,000. I also have original solid oak (?) hardwood floor all throughout the condo. Crown molding, plaster walls, ceiling fans, floor furnace heater & wall unit A/C, etc. etc. — normal stuff. So I’m thinking $ 50,000 will suffice, but $ 75,000 will be safer?

Contractors are much more affordable right now than it was a few years back, but not sure if it’ll go back up once the economy gets better.

Can’t decide… would love to hear your opinion.

Thank you…!
P.S. My insurance agent recommends at least $ 50,000. But he’s going by what I’m telling him, hasn’t come look at it in person or anything. When I was shopping around, no one offered to come look in person. Is that a standard procedure?
Our HOA is standard. There’s no insrance clause in the by laws nor cc&r. Anything inside inside that’s below the ceiling and above the floor is my responsibility. I only share one wall with my next door neighbor, and the ceiling with the upstairs neighbor, of course.

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