Need advise on a mortgage quote, is 4% good?

I got a quote from at 4% fixed for 15 years is this a good deal or not?

can anyone help me? I am buying first home and my mortgage broker quoted me a good faith estimate and everything is alot higher then he said. Loan is 100% financing no money down, credit score 695. Price $ 122,500.00. In Texas.I need payment around 780 not much higher but his closing costs are around $ 6200.00. This is really high for me. His origination fee is $ 1837.50. I am self employed but have tax returns and bank statements prifit loss statement. I just need to know if there is a better deal this is the first guy I went to and don’t have experience? please help
oh and by payment i mean just payment taxes will be $ 233.00 per month and insurance is $ 45.83 per month so that would be added to 780

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