Need advice on personal finance situation?

If anyone can share their financial wisdom with me, I would help me immensely.
My wife and I are in a very tough spot, like a lot of people at the moment. We are currently unemployed, though that could change soon. We owe the MA DOR and the Feds a total of about 10 k in tax debt, about 9 k in credit card debt. 5 k in medical bills, 3 k in collections, and I have a couple of 500.00 pay day loans that I make monthly payments of 130 on. Then we owe 7 k to people who loaned us money in tough times. We are behind on everything. I have been seeking out the chapter 13 BK idea, but we do not have the up-front money for the attorney fees. Is chapter 13 the best idea for us?? Nobody does undecured debt consolidation loans anymore, especially with our credit in tough shape. We rent, so no equity. We just want to gain financial peace and have a plan of action, we cant afford to hire anyone though. Thanks for your inputs, I welcome all advice.

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