Need Advice on a New Career?

Here is my dilema: I am burnt out, I need a new job, and I also need to find a career.

For ten years, I have been at several jobs, all of which involved appointment setting, the call center and telesales (to various degrees). Talking on the phones all day long and dealing with demanding and unreasonable people has finally taken it’s toll. I have been in my current postion as a mortgage loan officer for over five years and there is the constant threat of being written up or fired for not meeting sales goals and the ever constant change in the compensation (my income has dropped drastically to the point that I am beginning to live from paycheck to pay check–and I have always lived within my means).

I have a BA in English Lit. I really do not know what kind of field I want to go into, but I have to get out of the mortgage business. I really do not want to teach because the Michigan Public Schools are horrible: the teachers are always getting laid off and the pay is ridiculous. All I know is that sales is too stressful for me and I need to find a new position–but more importantly, a new career.

The problem is that I do not know what I want to do with my life. I am in my 30’s and feel like I am having a mid-life crisis. I have researched positions like becoming a professor (takes too long and not enough pay), Med or Vet school (I don’t think I am smart enough), Financial field (hate Corporate America), Physical Therapy (Michigan market seems to be flooded with outsourcing agencies; job market does not seem to be stable), and working with animals (I would love to do this, but not enough pay).

If someone could offer some advice–any advice–I’d be grateful. Right now, I feel totally worthless and clueless. Or even if you are in the same position as I, please write back. I need to feel that I am not alone (misery loves company, I guess).

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