Need a mortgage loan fast!?

I recently fell in love with a house that I could actually afford! I got pre-approved with Bank of America and immediately put a bid on the house. For the past 5 weeks I have been working with BOA to get my loan approved and closed. I’ve faxed at least 50 documents, letters, statements and checks. We are supposed to close by 8/11/11. On 7/28 BOA emailed me to say that they couldn’t approve my loan after all that time. Appraisals, inspections and title searches have all been done. Now I have 11 days to try to get someone else to approve and close a loan. Can it be done? I live in Texas, my credit score is 631-635. I applied for an FHA loan, but I can put up to 15% down. My parents are also willing to cosign, they are retired so they don’t have steady income, but they have an EXCELLENT credit score. I’m desperate, i’ve even already started packing, so I will take any help or advice I can get. Thanks!

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