Need a loan for a 330k prim residen. – 0 down, – someone somewhere must be willing to lend – help!?


I’ve talked to 20 different lenders, person to person lenders, down payment assistant companies (Naca, Ameridream, etc), and family members – no luck yet.

I’m 30, excellent credit, hotel manager 4+ years, only 1k debt, no legal issues, single no kids, college educated, No drugs, no smoking, no alcohol, no jail time, clean DL, etc.
I’m ready to settle down and start building a life. I found a 4 bedroom house a mile from where I live – a short sale for $ 330k. I live on Maui, the Average here is about $ 850k. I want to stay here and keep my job.

Countrywide will give me the loan but they’re asking for 5-10% down. I’m used to the good old days of 0% down (I once had 6 mortgages at once – made every payment on time).

I want this house – it’s too good to miss. I’m exploring every option and will do whatever it takes. It’s been 4 months now.

Does anyone know of a lender that will do zero down or will loan me 10% for a down payment?

The house is in great condition and I can easily make the payments. Email me for any more info.
Help – thank you!
Forgot to mention that I’m a former real estate investor.
Don’t bother saying it cant’ be done, I’m only interested in solutions. In real estate – anything is possible.

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