Need a conventional loan on a manufactered home w/ bancruptcy on credit.?

I found a wonderful manufactered home for sale that my husband and I would love to purchase, but I’m having an incredibly hard time finding someone to loan me the money. Is there a companythat will loan me money as a conventional, 30 year mortgage on a manufactered home. Also, my husband filed chapter 13 six years ago, and has been dicharged from that for a year now, so I need someone who will work with us there.
We don’t have 2 bancruptcies on our credit. Just the one, and it’s only on my husbands credit. We’ve been aproved for an FHA loan for 3 times the amount I’m requesting through a conventional loan. Everyone is tellin me I have to wait 2 years after discharge of bancruptcy. Is there no way around this?

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