need a 300,000 mortgage can my bad credit, start a family member with the loan and when I finished taking it?

I want a house with my friend (we’ll get married next year), but our two Fico buy cheap, we take it again, it happens that I have my dream home is in excellent condition before. Can someone help me, I live in Palm Beach County, Florida
. Why Bush / ask orders Fannie Mae $ 440 billion in housing loans, the minorities do in 2002 is the official press release of the white Hauses.http: / / / 06/20020617. html Bush appoints the management of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae and “asked” its agents to 440 billion dollars in loans to poor minorities. He also requested $ 2.4 billion in tax credits (corporate welfare) for builders who build low-income housing. And requested $ 200 million a year, pay for mortgage closing costs. (If the president to appoint your work and ask you something that a lot is when a job that you want to do to keep your job) That’s what Bush said in the press release: “Today President Bush has a new target to increase the number of minority homeowners by at least 5.5 million before the end of the decade. Agenda The Chairman of the Housing aggressive help reduce barriers to homeownership through with funds, increasing the supply of affordable housing, more support programs to support ownership groups, and simplifying the purchase of a house and increase the President Bildungschancen.Der, the exhibition “America’s Home Ownership Challenge” in real estate and mortgages, in its efforts, the number of minority homeowners by 5.5 million families. increase by the end of the decade to join many organizations have already done the President’s challenge by committing to respond, “essentially of at least $ 440000000000, financial commitment by the government-sponsored enterprises in the secondary mortgage market participants, in the direction of the desired increase minority market, “The President wants to dramatically increase the supply of housing available to low and moderate income. The President has the single-family and affordable housing tax credit, which is on offer for sale $ 2400000000 production of 200,000 affordable housing, encourage low and middle income proposed. “Did you know that major donors to Bush were subprime lenders, real estate developer, and President of Finance is one of the largest manufacturers in America … His name is Dwight stripes and lives in a villa than 70 million Palm Beach.Wussten sure cousin Herbert Walker Bush, Vice President of Goldman Sachs department billion in paris that these people would not repay their loans has been placed . coincidence? No Crime of the Century. Yes.

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