NC is a non-recourse state I understand that but what happens if you have a second mortgage?

Both loans are with the same bank/company? Can they still get you for the second one, I know they can’t for the first and will/do they even take the time to go to court? The second loan is right at 15,000 I think might be just a little bit more but not by much. An we owe 89,000 left on the house after 10 years.

My grandfather paid off the house for my dad and then my dad took out the a loan for a second mortgage. When my grandfather died he gave me the house. The next mortgage payment is due in January. If I am going to be paying for this loan how do I get it out of my fathers name? And will I be paying off his credit? I was told that if the house had a deliquent tax then I could pay that and the house would be put in my name. This is confusing and I don’t know what to do. Help me please…

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