My wife wants to put her name on the deed to my home – Thorough details?

I came into the marriage with the home, and all (yes, all) of the assets. She came into the marriage with only debt. I paid off her credit card debt, and she was still working off her nursing school loans. We’ve now been married for 16 months, and in that time she has spent most of my original savings, and has not contributed to the family/ household bills one dollar. I am not exaggerating. I have not been able to save anything as I’ve had to pay my bills, her bills, and watch the savings diminish as she has (and admittedly to an extent we have) spent it all. She has never considered this “our” home, so she feels that I should be responsible for the bills and mortgage. Now, we are separated and for her to consider moving back in, she wants the security of knowing her name is on the deed to the home. I do not feel safe with that, and no, do not trust her the way she went through the savings I brought into the marriage and the attitude she has had about it.

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