My question is, I have been sending out mail to drum up work with my business.?

OK here it goes Normally for every hundred letters I mail out United States Post office , I will get from 1 to 4 new customers, now every week I was sending out 800 mail outs and, the day homeowners get them I get a phone call from them.
this is how italways works.
now 2 weeks ago I did a mail out to one area 400 then next day 400 to another area in that same town.
thing is I had 0 response from them mail outs
this never happens not when I mail out that many
Question is How would I find out if they went to these homeowners.
oh my mailing list is good, I double check each address over the internet
I also Have caller I.D. and checked all the calls I had over the past two weeks even the hang ups none are from them two areas.
I always get responses normally a day after the mail out always within a week this is over two weeks now.
all other areas I mailed out to responded either by phone or mail
I am adding this the area I did the mail out to I checked it out real good it is a good area just like the other areas that i hit a few miles from it.
the average age is between 35 and 65 etc. I checked the areas I mail out to real good I drive in them and check out everything about them over the internet before picking were I am doing mail outs.
I been doing this for a few years now and I know my areas, think some how my mail did not reach its destination for one reason or another?

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