My mortgage company sent me a letter saying that I could send them $13,000 and my loan would be paid in full?

My husband and I have an 80/20 loan. We’ve had this mortgage for 3 years now. Today we got a letter saying that if we sent them a cashier’s check for $ 13,000 by January 29, our second mortgage (the 20% loan) would be considered paid in full. There is $ 27,000 and 12 years left on the loan. We called the mortgage company to make sure it was legit (we called the number on their website, not the number on the letter just in case) and they said it was a legit letter that they had mailed, it is a one-time offer they are doing for some of their customers. It still just sounds too good to be true, should I take any precautions or has this been done before?

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