My mortgage company offered me to my second loan for a reduced amount to pay. Do I take it?

2 days ago I received a letter from Aurora Loan Services, they are with me in about half of my second mortgage and that if I do, my credit will be considered pay to be paid in full. I have them in 30 days and payment must be made in the form of a cashier’s check or money order. They also say they give me an IRS Form 1099-C for’ve never late for a payment the amount vergeben.Ich, but I have a terrible loan I can not trust my bank (just google Aurora Services ready and you’ll see why), and I think soon refinance (it may not be possible since my loan rated higher than what is my home). Some details about the offer and the loan: the first loan: $ 189,000 30 years (five years interest only) April 6.5% for first 5 years, then he will bisZweiten loan: $ 45,000 30 years fest13 April % *** are only paying $ 20,000, it’s worth my loans *** Total: $ 234,000 My house is now worth $ 210,000 to 220.000Ich called today and she said that there was no more information than I could get only the letter, in which there is not much fine print is pretty much said everything I said here. They were friendly, but I do hilfreich.Sollte supply? Does this blow and kill me in my time income tax? What questions should I ask and he is as good as it sounds? Professional advice is welcome.
if the husband and wife own the house together, can one of them (without the other white) $ borrow from the bank for mortgage equaty seond or on the house? What happens if the second mortgage could not be, and take forceclosure? If the perosn other officials of Laon, he / she not know? The house is about $ 800,000. first mortgage is 200,000. 400.000.In that the second man was ready a few months ago. Should I sue husband or the lender?

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