My Mortgage Company is RUINING my life, Advice ???

I refinanced my House in May 07 with world savings.
the primary loan is 334k, I have about 165k equity in it
Whne I refied my mortgage broker also advised to pay off all remaining debt on my credit record
I had been saddled with a late relatives CC debt when they died and being the authorized used the credit carc company (HSBC) passed on the debt to me (The relative’s lawyer shouldve payed it)
I disputed it with HSBC but they refused to remove it.
So World Savings broker told me they would be paying off this old debt and a few other late collections of around 700 dollars.
Well in November of this year I had an accident, emergency home repairs and perfect storm of bad stuff happen.
I went to world savings for home equity line of credit. They told me Wachovia has bought them, but with my 165k in home equity i would get the line of credit’EASILY’
they dragged their heels and finally a month later sent me a letter denying me loan because my credit rating is low.
I have pulled my credit
i pulled my credit reports and am in shock
World Savings said they would pay of old collections
There is NO RECORD on any of my credit reports that these collections were EVER payed off.

So my credit is still bad because of World Savings failure and now theyre turning me down for home equity line of credit for their own failings!
OMG im about to have a stroke!
what should I do ?
i keep excellent records. im staring at my HUD statement right now.
im just shocked by this catch 22
man Im going to go ballistic on the phone tomorrow morning
my broker was paid 6900 in his fees alone
on my hud is is listing 5405 that was to be paid to the owed creditors (4 total)
only 1 of the 4 shows on my credit report as being payed off

.Glass-Steagall Act. that was Deregulation was design to protect us from the collapse of a large portion of the American commercial banking system like early 1933. ” and tend to serve only the rich. Flawed AAA ratings on mortgage-backed securities that turned to junk now lie at the root of the world financial system’s
here must see mcain video… haven’t we been here before bailout?
ok….. now I have decided…..
bailout ok but fix the problem no deregulation
bailout ok but fix the problem no deregulation

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