My mortgage broker wants to charge these fees, reasonable? San diego, California?

I live in San diego and have pre approved by Wells Fargo. However, since the occupancy percentage on the property is low, I have to ask some help from a mortgage broker.
He got me a loan, but I think the fees is a bit high.

$ 400 Appraisal fee,
$ 15.75 Credit Report
$ 595 Processing fee
$ 975 underwriting fee.
$ 500 Escrow fee.
$ 125 Notary Fee
$ 1100 Title Insurance
$ 3,540 YSP paid to broker 2%
estimated closing cost of $ 5,161.75

All these fees based n Loan amount of $ 225,000 (21% down) and interest rate at 4.8% and 15-year fixed.

Are the above fees little bit too much or reasonable?

Give me your advice and suggestion.
Is it gonna be same or better contact other banks as most of the won’t approve low occupancy condos ?
Will the fee equally the same ?

Real estate agent recomended me this mortgage broker.


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