My mom just found out that I’m not a virgin and I want to know your thoughts to her reaction?

My mom just found out that I’m not a virgin. Yes, it was awkward at first but we had a great heart-to-heart. I was very honest to her and she knows how responsible I [and my boyfriend] am/are. It was a VERY honest, heartfelt conversation and I was glad that I could open up to my mother from daughter to mother. I was surprised that she wasn’t angry or fustrated with me at all, IF anything, dissappointed. After the first day she was kind of getting used to the fact and was in shock [which I couldn’t blame her as a mother], but the next day and today she was fine, EVEN seemed like she was trying to make a closer bond/friendship with me…it was weird but so NICE! My mom and I are having such a better relationship now! I don’t understand why she isn’t sad, or mad/angry with me because I thought she would go absolutely ballistic because my whole family [and I] is[/are] pretty religious and Catholic.

I’m not saying that ANYTHING is negative with her being extra nice…just OUT OF CURIOSITY wondering: “why?”. I’m happy she’s handling it WAYYYYYY better than I expected and we’re actually becoming more of friends.

I know she absolutely loves my boyfriend with whom I’ve been with for over 2 years now. He does have a great connection with me and my family and is very faithful, loyal, loving and caring to my family and I. He’s always included in family get-togethers and vacations and enjoys time with my fam just like I do with his. He and I really have true love for each other and are also the best of friends. <3 I was kinda nervous to see if my mom would act differently around my boyfriend but she didn't at all; she was still really friendly and talkative with him. My boyfriend also kinda wanted my mom to know more about our relationship in that respect. We also wouldn't think my mother would be that naive to think that I still would be a virgin when she knows how much we are in love and how long and serious our relationship has been and continues to be. I am also happy that she knows I don't regret losing my virginity and that she sees/knows how much my boyfriend and I are in love. I guess my mother is proud in a way that she knows I am safe with my boyfriend, and that I couldn't have a better guy [whom she loves as much as him]. I'm glad my mom realizes the maturity and responsibilty I carry and I guess, thinks of me more as an adult; as a woman. I'm also glad that she didn't find out [like other moms of teenaged girls] that their daughter is a whore who sleeps with like every guy she sees. My boyfriend IS the only guy I have ever done anything with AND will remain the only person because we are true to each other and love each other so deeply...besides the fact that my mom knows he is going to be the man I will be married to. She even did a weird thing after she just found out. I was at my boyfriend's house after we went to the movies on Friday night and when he took me home I walked into my room and saw that my mom had just bought me a beautiful, brand new dress and she left it on my bed as a surprise! I mean, she never does stuff like that, like the old fashion, 1950's movies, mother-to-daughter, spontaneous presents like that. So why after she finds all this out she does something like that? Not to say, it wasn't very nice of her. All I wanna know is why my mom is trying to bond with me more now that she knows? How come she isn't mad or angry but instead, calm and peaceful? I mean, she is even keeping this "secret" between her and I like I asked her to and to please respect my private affairs instead of publicly announcing it to the family? She hasn't told my sister, or my Dad, I don't know if she told my Step-Dad [but wouldn't care anyways if she did really because I'm not his daughter]. It seems like she's so much more friendlier, caring, mother-like nuturing towards me now. She tucks me in, talks with me, plays with me, cooks for me, gets me medicine when I get a headache stuff like that. It's like she wants to be that mother for me again like when I was little. She is REALLY trying to be girlfriends with me. It's as if now that I'm months away from technically being an "adult", she's letting me become one and loosening her grip while at the same time she feels like it's a little too late [maybe?] →and wants to form more of a bond and friendship with me while I'm still living under her roof. Is that why she's being extra nice? Is she afraid that I'll be an adult and gone before she knows it and that's why she is being more of a friend first? What do you think about the whole thing? Sorry this is long.

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