My landlady said she had put my bond in a government scheme but now is saying she will give me a cheque?

At the beginning of my tenancy I was told that my bond would be put into a government scheme and that at the end I would have to apply for this back independently. This was to prevent it been with held without good reason. I am about to give up tenancy and my landlady has told me she will give me a Cheque to reimburse the bond once she has inspected the property?? Im confused, what if the Cheque bounces, or she withholds it without good reason???
Yes it is in the UK. But No she gave me nothing to confirm it, suppose I should have asked for something and not have been so trusting!! When i have asked about the government scheme she said there is no reason for me to have to aply for it as there has been no dispute. However what is the point in having it a scheme which is supposed to protect both tennants and landlords, if she can access it at any time??!! Just doesnt seem logical!

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