My husband says not to continue with sons college…?

My son is 19 and attending college at the local community college. He has been there for a year now. I am disabled and pay for his college from my disability. My husband says that he is not going to continue next semester because he is not going to pay for it. He has only helped out with books in the past. I said don’t worry about it, I will take care of it. He said that I can’t because he needs me to start paying bills.
I currently pay for anything that has to do with the kids (medical co-pays, educations, dental, clothing), my van (insurance, tag, emissions, repairs) my cell phone and my credit cards(which are not much since I have to pay for Christmas and Birthdays on that) It is so important that my son gets an education so he does not have to struggle like we do. Any advise here?
He is getting financial aid. But I still have to pay some of the tuition and a little over half of the cost of books. The price is not bad. But my husband said that since my son is shy it is a waste of money.
My husband spends money on computer stuff, photography stuff, magazines, DVD’s…..
I spend my money on my family. I do not have jewelry, make-up, nice clothes or perfume. I just don’t think its fair that I have to help him out with more bills, when my priority as a parent is making sure my children have the most education they can get.
This is my sons biological child. His first born. We have two together and I had two when I met him that are already grown.
I meant “husband’s” biological child. OOoops.
One more thing…he is not failing college. He is doing pretty good…He is shy and appears to some as lazy. However, he aced the SAT, is a Congressional Gold Medalist, and joint enrolled for two years at a college before graduating. I don’t mind busting my bottom to see him get all the education he can get. But I really believe this will be the last draw in an already troubled marriage.

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