My husband and I have a really good steady income but our credit is bad can we still get a mortgage loan?

Awaiting my husbands VA Disablity our credit really went down and it is still bad. Having a hard time getting it back up. We got a loan officer who said pay this & this off and by March 2010 we’ll get you the $ 250,000 asking price which will allow you to keep your current home (that we owe $ 50,000 on).

Well the house has been vacant for 1yr 1/2 and we called the real estate guy and asked him if the bank would lease it to us until March and he said that wasn’t an option. This house is appraised at the tax assessors for $ 710,000 and it is a dream house.

How can I get financing for this house? Who offers creative financing??? Or is that a real term?
The price of the new house I want to purchase is $ 250,000

We want to keep our current home and rent it out…we owe $ 50,000 on it.

We never lost our house the two years my husband was out of work!
Va claim resolved income more than $ 5000 a month

We only have 4 credit cards with $ 500 or less limit & our current mortgage is $ 690

We just can’t get around the bad credit score

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