My house burned down, I lost everything I owned. Now NEW insurance issue, can you help?

Any and all help or suggestions will be most welcomed. I have gotten some VERY valuable answers to a previous question before. You actually helped me more and faster than the insurance agent. Blessings and thanks,, NOW, here’s another… (boy this is confusing if one never has gone thru this before.) As my house was destroyed by fire, considered a “total rehab” by the insurance company, NOW THE INSURANCE COMPANY INFORMS ME that they WILL NOT renew my home owners policy due to start a new year on June 1. (2011) ONLY one more monthl. I have asked my agent to find me another carrier to insure the property “as is” perhaps with some limited coverage. I am about to try to sell it “as is” as a total rehab. That means contractors who are interested in it need to walk through all nine rooms and the basement. If the two contractors who are interested back out or dont offer enough to cover the mortgage (along with the insurance payoff) I intend to list it with a realtor who is waiting for the listing. BUT I am TERRIFIED to let people walk around in here because of the fire damage and fear some one will get hurt or worse. (something falling on them, breaking thru a weakened floor, etc.) I would feel terrible as a human being if this happened, also have realized that I could be sued too. (and of course they would be right). Just dont know what to do. HAVE YOU knowledgeable people out there especially in insurance or real estate, ever heard of an insurance policy that will offer some sort of coverage for a situation like this.. ? Blessings and thanks to you who may have some answers to this. (please no nasties, I have enough problems and will report you.) Thanks to all you good people who have cared.
I am not looking for or expecting to make money on this. I have two mortgages out on the house which I can not afford to pay as the house is not habitable and I dont know how much it is going to cost me to live elsewhere. I am a senior citizen who was about to put the house on the market anyway in a few more weeks when the fire happened, I had just got done doing some nice cosmetic work, was waiting to have the rugs cleaned and a cleanout man to come take unneeded extras out… then an accidental fire caused by a refrigerator (compressor) fridge was only 8 years old. The house is still standing, and boarded up and winterized w all utilities off. No one can get in unless I let them in. I cannot rehab, the actual cash value will go to the first mortgage holder and some to the second, if I sell for a nominal fee for just the land, the 2 proceeds (sale of house and acv payoff) hopefully will just cover what I owe plus attorney fees… I would consider that a blessing but prospective b

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