My house burned down and the renters insurance company won’t pay do I have a case?

My wife and I have 4 children. My home burned down due to a dryer fire 1.5 years ago. The insurance company said they dispatched someone and they were on their way with a check for $ 10,000 while the fire was still smoldering. What a relief…not so fast, They called back 20 minutes later and claimed we were cancled due to a check that bounced a couple weeks earlier. So I called back and spoke to a representitive and he said if I made a payment right away we would be covered and caught up til the end of the month. I paid by credit card over the phone. What a relief right? not so fast. The company turned around and said we were covered all month long except on the day of the fire. Now they are sending me bills and it is affecting my credit because I haven’t paid them since. We feel like we have been raped. We had a $ 100,000. policy and now they claim my phone was disconnected and this is why they did not notify us that our policy was cancled. They even sent out ann adjuster to take pics.

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