My family would like to purchase a church for a non-for-profit community center. Help on raising funds…?

OK, so my older sister found a few churches for sale in our area- the smaller one at $ 290,000 and the larger at $ 350,000 (we like this one better because of more parking space/building size). We would like to turn it into a center for everyone, that will provide lots of free services for the needy, work in conjunction with other not-for-profit organizations in the area, and also be a spiritual (though not specifically religious) center. I think this is a great cause.

While we can get a mortgage and/or loans, our family is certainly not poor- our father (there are three daughters) is a wealthy businessowner. However, we don’t have the money to just point-blank buy it, because our father may not be willing to invest. This is a lot of money. How might we get some help in paying? Possibly community fundraisers? I mean, if we begin an official organization, we can raise money and get donations and partnerships… any other ideas or similar stories? We are in Rochester, NY.

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