My credit card is undergoing fraud?!?!?

I’ve recently discovered that someone is using my details to take money from one of my bank accounts. I conacted the bank immedietly and told them of the problem, and was ensured that the card had been deactivated and the problem stopped.
I later discovered however that there was still money being taken from my account, and no record of me having previously reported the problem. I have phoned the bank countless times, and have even been in to try to contact the manager, but was turned away saying that they only deal with fraud over the phone. I’ve heard before that Santander are infamous for this sort of problem, with people losing thousands, and not being able to get it back because they ‘didn’t report the problem immedietly’.
I don’t know what to do and am terrified of ending up in serious debt due to the imcompetent way in which my problem has been dealt with.
Does anyone have any idea what I could do to sort this problem once and for all?

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